If you are struggling to build the Sales Funnel, here are 3 Quick Steps that will help get things back on track.


In this mini-video series that we have created for you (and recently published in Small Business Growth Magazine), we’re going to cover three smart steps to capturing new customers and growing your sales pipeline. One of the main challenges we address when working with CEOs, presidents, and executives of companies is the challenge of generating NEW business from ‘NET-NEW’ prospects.

[S3VIDEO file=’3SmartStepsToCapturingNewCustomers-Intro.mp4′ bucket=’3-quick-steps-to-new-customers’]

STEP 1: Identify Your “Perfect-Fit” Prospects

[S3VIDEO file=’Step1-PerfectProspectList.mp4′ bucket=’3-quick-steps-to-new-customers’]

STEP 1A: How To Create Your List

[S3VIDEO file=’Step1a-Create-the-list.mp4′ bucket=’3-quick-steps-to-new-customers’]

STEP 2: List The ‘PAIN’ They Have and HOW You Can Solve It

[S3VIDEO file=’Step2-List-the-PAIN.mp4′ bucket=’3-quick-steps-to-new-customers’]

STEP 3: Automate Outreach and Communication

[S3VIDEO file=’Step3-Automate-Communications.mp4′ bucket=’3-quick-steps-to-new-customers’]

Need Some Help? We’re Here For You!

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