by Kevin McCann

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I often talk about tools and methods of how CEO’s can improve their businesses by integrating strategy, marketing and sales – and we offer numerous answers and breakthroughs for our clients in this area.

However, today’s article is going to be different.

  • We have all seen the news. Last week the stock market dropped 500 points, yesterday, it dropped 634 points.
  • The same is happening in the overseas markets.
  • The US just lost several of our ELITE Navy SEAL Team 6 members in Kabul, Afghanistan
  • RACE RIOTS are breaking out in London as I shoot this video

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Enough is enough!!

It’s tough enough to stay focused on your day with technology constantly blasting emails, instant messages, text messages, phone calls, advertisements at you with blinding speed


The time is NOW to take control of how you personally react to the seemingly endless stream of bad news.


I want to share a story with you:

An amazing thing happened to me this weekend. I was at a client appreciation event with my family that was put on by my wealth manager and his staff in a beautiful lake setting.

1/2 way through the day, a woman that I didn’t immediately recognize walked up to me and my wife and said it was great to see me again and asked how was I doing – etc.

She then reminded me that she had seen me speak when I had given a presentation to 100+ of her colleagues a couple years ago. She then proceeded to tell me the story of how a topic in my speech gave her the inspiration and strength that enabled her to give the speech of her life – when it mattered. That speech was her father’s eulogy at his funeral.

She proceeded to tell me that he had just passed away the day or so before I had given the speech and she was given the task of presenting the eulogy – but had no idea what she was going to say.

I inspired her to give the speech of her life – and I had NO IDEA I was doing that.

My intention was to inspire and provide valuable information to those 100+ people to help make them more efficient and productive in their daily roles. And – I was able to inspire someone to have the strength and fortitude to give the speech of her life.

Let me turn the tables for 2 seconds here and share with you how I was recently inspired.
I was with my family at a semi-professional baseball game last week and got up from our seats with my son to go and get some refreshments.
As we were walking down the ramp toward the refreshments, my son and I approached and walked past a Man and his son, apparently doing the same thing as us. Only this man was on crutches and was struggling a bit to keep up with his son. It turns out he was on crutches because he only has one leg – yet there he was, at a baseball game with his son, having a great time, laughing while he was chasing his son to get more popcorn.
This inspired me to realize that I am not my circumstances. I can choose to view ANY SITUATION HOWEVER I WANT – THAT IS MY CHOICE.

So The MORAL HERE? You get more of what you look for. If you are looking to be miserable, you will find it – believe me – there’s enough of that out there.

But if you are looking to be inspired, if you are looking for others with a positive outlook, with optimism – YOU WILL FIND THAT TOO. IT’S OUT THERE – sometimes you may have to look a little harder, but it is out there.

I read a great article in USA Today by Steve Strauss titled “Why only small business can save America”

The fact is this country needs you and me more than ever right now to stay focused and upbeat and continue to drive this country to greatness.

The time is NOW to change your language if it includes terms like:

“I can’t do”…..
You CAN do anything that you put your mind to and focus on!

“They made me feel like”…..(you control your feelings – NOBODY can make you feel ANYTHING that you don’t want to FEEL)
You are not a VICTIM!

“The economy is why I can’t succeed”….(if you are waiting for the economy to get better, you may not be here next year. It’s Time to Take Action NOW!)

The question you need to ask yourself is “How would I behave IN THIS SITUATION at my best?
Who do you have to be in every situation to inspire others
Believe me, when you least expect it, people are looking to you for inspiration even though they are not telling you.
In order to INSPIRE OTHERS, you must first be INSPIRED.

Today is the day that I make my personal stand to no longer tolerate mediocrity. We need to come together and create a legacy for our children and do it by PROVIDING AS MUCH VALUE AS WE POSSIBLY CAN and to BE OUR BEST EVERY DAY.

I carry this Notre Dame towel on my golf bag to remind me to “Play like a champion today”. I am yanking this off my golf bag and hanging it in my office to remind me of the importance of today’s message.

I hope I have given you something today that INSPIRES you to go out and BE YOUR BEST, especially now.

We’re counting on you. The country is counting on you!

Now go out and Play Like a Champion Today!

To your corporate revenue growth,

Kevin A. McCann
President & CEO
Executive Strategy Group, LLC
“Value Defined, Value Delivered” ™

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