Private, On-Site Strategic Planning, Sales Strategy, Sales Team Training and Marketing Advisement Custom Designed for Your Needs

For those companies seeking to develop or refine their “Go to Market Strategy,” train a sales force, enhance their marketing capabilities to be more successful in generating increased revenue, we offer personalized, private, in-house training and consulting programs.

Each program can be custom designed for your product or service-based needs. Our programs and services are delivered to you and your team on your schedule.

Our On-Site Consulting and Training Workshop Offerings Include: 

Strategic Planning Program

In order to grow your company it is critical that you and your leadership team invest time working ‘ON’ your business and not just ‘IN’ your business. Research and experience have shown that many small and medium sized companies who have a clear strategic plan for growth will succeed; while many of those who do not have a clear plan will fail. We will help you define and prioritize your company goals and create an executable plan with your leadership team.

360° Executive Team Assessment Program

The 360 degree Executive Team Assessment Program is a formalized process whereby an individual receives feedback from multiple individuals or “raters” who regularly interact with the person being reviewed, commonly referred to as “the learner”. The objective is to provide the learner with feedback on their performance behaviors and outcomes as well as their potential, while identifying and establishing development goals. As a result of this feedback, the learner is expected to be able to set goals for self development which will support the advancement of their careers and in turn benefit the organization.


Business Strategy Assessment Program

Every business, whether they are a sole-proprietorship or large multi-national organization, has different departments and eco-systems that need to work together to achieve the goals of the executive leadership team. As an advisory firm, we provide our clients with business model success assessments using a proven process designed to analytically assess a business’ growth potential. We analyze 3 core areas of our client’s businesses; the corporate strategy (plan for growth), the revenue generation system (marketing and sales) and the service and product delivery system. We then make recommendations on how to address ‘gaps’ in these areas based on best practices and work with management to close the gaps.


“Done For You” Marketing as a Service

After successfully completing hundreds of consulting engagements, we realized that even with written recommendations and a step-by-step guide to follow, many privately owned businesses lack the “know how” and resources to successfully implement those recommendations. Thankfully, we will do that for you!

Sales Team Training Program

We train your sales team best practices on engaging new prospects, nurturing prospects through their buying cycles and increasing deal velocity through the sales pipeline. We specialize in helping sales teams emerge from a “commoditized” approach and develop into a sales team that consistently provides business value to their prospects and clients.

Polartec is a premium producer of innovative textile solutions.

The  global Product Management team within Polartec is charged with deciding what textiles to make and when to make them.  As product experts, we focus on studying the market, analyzing trends and coming up with a fully merchandised line of products.  By working collaboratively with the engineering and manufacturing teams, we produce a product line of innovative textile solutions.

The challenge then, for the Product Management team, is finding ways to help each specific; industry, market, customer and salesperson, understand why we made it!  We have to be as strong a sales team as we are a product creation team.

Part of my yearly budget is dedicated to training for my team.  I have decided to use some of these annul funds on Sales and Presentation tutoring.  I have used ESG in the past and have had very good success, so it was an easy choice when looking at, employee development training, for my team.

I believe continuing education is always needed for business teams and I am glad I am working with ESG on employee development.

ESG worked with me on a specific agenda by listening and learning to what my needs were.  ESG then spent a full day with my Product Managers and Product Directors.  ESG was well prepared and professional on all fronts.  ESG gave my team, up-to-date presentation and sales tactics that will definitely help “sell in” our ideas (and textiles!).

My team is stronger and more prepared to take on the challenges of “selling and presenting” with the continued help of ESG.  More engagements with ESG are to be planned in 2015.

Doug Kelliher

Vice President Product Management, Polartec, LLC