Hey Everyone:

I Just spent the last 3 days here in Scottsdale, AZ attending the InfusionCon 2010 Annual Forum. Fantastic content and strategies/techniques to rapidly increase revenue growth by 2X for me and my clients. We will be rapidly providing programs and strategies to our clients to convey all of the best practices learned and re-hashed at the conference.

A few key Double Your Revenues ‘takeaways’ are as follows:

1. “SuperCharge” Your Website

Use web forms on your website to distinguish between the Info Searchers, the Lookers, the Hand Raisers, the Buyers and the Customers who are looking to purchase from you again!

2. Clearly Present Your Unique Selling Proposition

Prospects should know exactly how you address the challenges they face, what results you provide and why they should do business with you.

Said another way, you need to (1) convince people you have what they want, (2) you’re the one they want to deal with, and (3) that they need to buy from you right now.

Complete this statement to develop your Unique Selling Proposition:

“We specialize in helping (this group of people) do (this benefit/result) even if (worst case scenario).”

The next time someone asks you what you do, provide them with this brief elevator pitch.

3. Learn How To Use Google Analytics and Google Keyword Tools

The days have long since passed that business owners can neglect their web visibility. Trust me, I speak from experience. It is unacceptable with today’s free tools to NOT KNOW

  • How people arrived at your website
  • How long they were on your website
  • What are the most popular pages of your website
  • Which sites are referring traffic to your website

Watch this video to learn the fundamentals of Google Analytics:

Click here to learn how Google’s Search Based Keyword Tool can help you beat your competition to the prospect.

To Your Success!

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