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We’ve Helped 250+ Executives Grow Their Revenue by Taking Control of Their Sales & Marketing Execution Strategies

If your business growth is stagnant, if you aren’t 100% certain how to identify the “blind-spots” in your business, and if you’re experiencing increased pressure to implement solutions to solve these problems… then this message is for you.

There is a simple way you can INCREASe YOUR SALES VELOCITY, DIAL-IN ON YOUR STRATEGY, AND GROW YOUR REVENUe… by using systems and strategies that have been proven to work by Executive Strategy Group’s community of over 250 successful B2B executives.

Unconscious Incompetence: The enemy to your business.

If you’re unsure about what to do next in your business, you’re not alone.

Most executives struggle to meet their revenue goals.

Before working with us, executives will try solving stagnant growth by chasing trendy tactics like updated websites, advanced CRMs, or expensive promotional videos.

These short term tactics waste a business’s money and time, because the executive is still unconscious, or hasn’t identified, what the actual business problem is that has stalled their revenue growth.

If you are able to develop the ability to be conscious about what in your business you are incompetent about, you will be able to implement real solutions, which is a skill that only the most successful executives possess.

What Are the Strategies of Highly Successful B2B Executives?

After working closely with hundreds of businesses, Kevin McCann, the President and CEO of Executive Strategy Group, has identified the strategies that successful companies use to grow their revenue.

To implement these same proven strategies, our team has created the Strategic Planning Program,  360° Executive Team Assessment Program, “Done For You” Marketing as a Service (Lead-Launcher), and our flagship program Revenue Growth Mastery. 

Strategic Planning Program

In order to grow your company it is critical that you and your leadership team invest time working ‘ON’ your business and not just ‘IN’ your business. Research and experience have shown that many small and medium sized companies who have a clear strategic plan for growth will succeed; while many of those who do not have a clear plan will fail. We will help you define and prioritize your company goals and create an executable plan with your leadership team.

360° Executive Team Assessment Program

The 360 degree Executive Team Assessment Program is a formalized process whereby an individual receives feedback from multiple individuals or “raters” who regularly interact with the person being reviewed, commonly referred to as “the learner”. The objective is to provide the learner with feedback on their performance behaviors and outcomes as well as their potential, while identifying and establishing development goals. As a result of this feedback, the learner is expected to be able to set goals for self development which will support the advancement of their careers and in turn benefit the organization.

Lead-Launcher “Done For You” Marketing as a Service

After successfully completing hundreds of consulting engagements, we realized that even with written recommendations and a step-by-step guide to follow, many privately owned businesses lack the “know how” and resources to successfully implement those recommendations. Thankfully, we will do that for you!

Sales & Marketing Resources and Knowledge Base

If you want to a sneak peak at the strategies we have to offer, then visit our resources page, where we post strategies, tips, and tricks that we use every single day with our clients.


Lead-Launcher is an inbound marketing and sales enablement service focused on complete funnel development and management for B2B tech companies.

Revenue Growth Mastery

Revenue Growth Mastery (RGM) helps business executives escape the uncertainty of how to grow revenue and achieve consistent returns in business.

RGM is a training program containing our proven, 21 step-by-step sales and marketing process, used by hundreds of business executives to grow their revenue.

About Kevin McCann

“I’d like to share a bit of my story with you!” – Kevin McCann

Learn about the story behind Executive Strategy Group’s President and CEO Kevin McCann.

“Since partnering with Executive Strategy Group we have increased our sales activity and morale of our sales team, and given them the confidence and the tools they need to consistently close deals.”

Scott Cornell

“Kevin is one of the top people I have met in the high tech industry and I would recommend him to all of my customers and friends. His ability to understand the issues we face as an organization and bring us solutions is unmatched in the industry.”

Jason Geis

Small Business Growth Magazine

Read Small Business Growth Magazine (SBG Mag) to rapidly fill the gaps in your overall business growth strategy. SBG Mag covers topics on creative ways to grow your revenues, new marketing ideas, strategy creation and development, funding, hiring talent, outsourcing, culture improvement, staying healthy while running your business and overall, getting that EDGE that many of us look for.

You Have a Choice

You have a choice to make. Do I continue do believe that more customers will stumble across my business… or do I take ownership of my sales & marketing.

Right now you may be like many executives who hesitate to take ownership because they don’t know where to start. That’s ok!

Most executives are experts at what they do and have never put much thought into how they will sell and market their business.

To join a community of executives who have decided to take ownership of their sales & marketing strategies, complete the “Get Started” now form today!


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